It’s time for a change in Erie County!

Get back to the basics in county government!


Chrissy’s Plan:

Right Size County Government

End Reckless Borrowing:  Reducing debt service costs by only borrowing what we need.  County taxpayers have spent $2 million in interest on unspent bonds for projects since 2020.

Eliminating “Pet” Projects: Adding more projects and additional borrowing isn’t the answer; it wastes taxpayer money.  We must focus on completing what we have already borrowed and cut expenses from the operating budget. 

Shrink Government through Attrition: There are more jobs available than can be filled.  As county employees retire, let those positions expire to reduce the workforce. 

Protect our Erie County Border

Sending the Crisis Back to New York City: Just like the migrants were bused to Erie County, I will hire busses to take as many individuals back to New York City as possible. 

Migrant Crisis: STOP New York City from sending anymore self-purported asylum seekers to Erie County. 

Holding New York Accountable: Retain legal services to file suit against New York State and New York City demanding damages be paid to Erie County for this crisis. 

Make Erie County Affordable

Cut Taxes: 9% Property Tax Cut.

Returning YOUR Money: In a $1.8 Billion Erie County Budget, a $27 million property tax cut represents a 1.5% cut to the entire county budget. 

Savings On Essentials:  Eliminate sales tax on clothing under $110.

Fighting Inflation:  Request the State amend the Erie County Tax Act to control aggressive reassessments that drive up property taxes.

Corruption and Transparency

Ethics:  Revisit and Amend Erie County Ethics Law of 2018 to prevent political appointments to Erie County Ethics Board and create a true watchdog for Erie County Taxpayers.

Transparency:  Mandatory recusal for Ethics Board Members who contributed to the campaign of individuals who are being investigated or have complaints standing before the board. 

Accountability:  Establish a penalty for any official interfering with an Ethics Board review, inquiry, or investigation.  Penalty may be monetary and should be voted on by 2/3 of the members of the Ethics Board.

Reimagine Infrastructure

Infrastructure Parity Plan:  Remove politics from projects and fix roads based on need.  We must recalibrate how Erie County uses GBNRTC guidance and take long-term approaches to fixing roads, not just slapping blacktops over potholes.

Attack Traffic Congestion: Work with New York State DOT and localities to target projects that ease traffic flow, decrease congestion, and lessen your commute. 

Supporting Local Control: Standing up to New York State in the courtroom if needed, to provide residents the opportunity to decide if wind and solar projects should be allowed in their community. 

Protecting Your Freedoms

Firearm Safety: I will support youth hunting and invest additional resources into the Erie County Parks Department to expand firearm safety and wildlife education. 

COVID-19: There will be no vaccine mandates, mask mandates, or business shut-downs. 

Right to Information: Public libraries are one of our greatest assets.  I will continue to invest in our library system and oppose censorship or limited access to public information. 

Utilize County Assets

Erie County Community College: Reform ECC/SUNY Erie with curriculum updates to focus on trades and in-demand occupations.  Investing in specialty and high-demand trades can make ECC a regional hub for students and employers across Western New York. 

Buffalo and Erie County Waterfront: Leverage County Assets to entice private businesses to develop waterfront properties.  Erie County has dozens of development opportunities from Grand Island south to Brant to bring tourism and a facelift to Western New York. We must leverage our county assets to bring private funds to this area. 

Family First Agenda

School Safety:  Work with Erie County Sheriff and Local Law Enforcement organizations to secure School Resource Officers for every school in Erie County.

Family First: Prioritize the needs of Erie County working families by improving access to affordable childcare, early intervention services, and mental health resources

Renewed Focus on Safety: Fight back against the “Pro Criminal” Albany agenda, empower law enforcement, and fully fund the Erie County Sheriff’s Office to keep our streets safe.